Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Nature of Truth

I've come across a paradox in logic that I think explains something very crucial for humans.
It's not strange to search for purpose, people have been searching for as long as time itself.
But what I've come to notice is most people  search externally for answers that are inherently within.
Consider the following:
Everything that is true can be known.   
Now this implies that something that isn't true, cannot be known, and since we cannot know something that isn't true, that means all truths are known. 

assume x = a truth that is unknown.

the sentence "x is a truth that is unkonwn" is true

but if all truths can be known that means it is possible to know that "x is a truth that is unkown"

that's impossible, for as soon as we know x it is no longer unkown.

so x cannot be unkown and true at the same time.

if all truths can be known, "all truths" cannot include anything unknown,

thus, if all truths can be known, they must all be known.

So enough futile searching outside, if it is a truth than it can be known, and if it can be known it's already known.  just  search within yourself.


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