Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fools

the fools

by Bruno Phillip Toledo on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 4:25pm
the fear of appearing foolish in front peers is manifested in two ways. the first way is most common. SILENCE. thoughts and emotions are not expressed and if they aren't expressed they are, logically, repressed. repression of thoughts and emotions is the leading cause of stress which is the main cause of most psychological "disorders". that's why i believe artistic expression should be practiced by everyone. i believe art in any way shape or form is a way of making your cognition aware of the "shadow" part of your consciousness.
the shadow is a word used to describe the parts of yourself you keep in. the parts of yourself that you'd rather not everyone know. the parts of yourself that you deny and keep locked away in the basement of your mind, in a dark place where you don't notice it; grow numb to it. but neglecting the parts of yourself you don't accept leads to them wanting out. thoughts and emotions can only stay bottled up for so long until they start forcing their way out. in Humans, this usually happens at 40-50 years old and is known more commonly as a "mid-life crisis".
I reiterate my previous point in saying art is important as a way for your brain to deal with regulation of the shadow. when people say "i can't draw" or " i wish i could play like that", that is fear. the fear of looking foolish in front of peers. Even though art is IN us all, most of it isn't made conscious. no music, only SILENCE.
The other manifestation is making others appear foolish. This behavior indirectly comes from too much silence. after a long enough time, or short periods of lots of stress, since you have no conduit to express these "dark" emotions, you begin to project them onto others. Making someone look like a fool (or not defending someone who has been made to) is a great way to not look foolish.
This behavior is encouraged in today's world. you can tell from the ways a lot of arguments and disputes are settled. yo mama jokes, battle raps, presidential debates, a "Conservative" appears on a "Liberal" program, etc... Most air-times are only 30 minutes or an hour. an hour to settle the an issue between "democrats" and "republicans"? The reason most disputes (like, "God in The Pledge of Allegiance?", "Pro-Life vs. Pro-choice", "Gay Marriage", "Flag-Burning", etc..)are seldom settled is because they aren't real issues. They don't matter and are only there as a distraction from real issues. the purpose of debate programs and such is not to settle disputes and come to agreements. the purpose of these programs is to make the opposing sides look foolish. but why would someone want to make someone else look foolish?


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