Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fools

the fools

by Bruno Phillip Toledo on Thursday, July 15, 2010 at 4:25pm
the fear of appearing foolish in front peers is manifested in two ways. the first way is most common. SILENCE. thoughts and emotions are not expressed and if they aren't expressed they are, logically, repressed. repression of thoughts and emotions is the leading cause of stress which is the main cause of most psychological "disorders". that's why i believe artistic expression should be practiced by everyone. i believe art in any way shape or form is a way of making your cognition aware of the "shadow" part of your consciousness.
the shadow is a word used to describe the parts of yourself you keep in. the parts of yourself that you'd rather not everyone know. the parts of yourself that you deny and keep locked away in the basement of your mind, in a dark place where you don't notice it; grow numb to it. but neglecting the parts of yourself you don't accept leads to them wanting out. thoughts and emotions can only stay bottled up for so long until they start forcing their way out. in Humans, this usually happens at 40-50 years old and is known more commonly as a "mid-life crisis".
I reiterate my previous point in saying art is important as a way for your brain to deal with regulation of the shadow. when people say "i can't draw" or " i wish i could play like that", that is fear. the fear of looking foolish in front of peers. Even though art is IN us all, most of it isn't made conscious. no music, only SILENCE.
The other manifestation is making others appear foolish. This behavior indirectly comes from too much silence. after a long enough time, or short periods of lots of stress, since you have no conduit to express these "dark" emotions, you begin to project them onto others. Making someone look like a fool (or not defending someone who has been made to) is a great way to not look foolish.
This behavior is encouraged in today's world. you can tell from the ways a lot of arguments and disputes are settled. yo mama jokes, battle raps, presidential debates, a "Conservative" appears on a "Liberal" program, etc... Most air-times are only 30 minutes or an hour. an hour to settle the an issue between "democrats" and "republicans"? The reason most disputes (like, "God in The Pledge of Allegiance?", "Pro-Life vs. Pro-choice", "Gay Marriage", "Flag-Burning", etc..)are seldom settled is because they aren't real issues. They don't matter and are only there as a distraction from real issues. the purpose of debate programs and such is not to settle disputes and come to agreements. the purpose of these programs is to make the opposing sides look foolish. but why would someone want to make someone else look foolish?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Anonymous ranting

"How many guys cheat on their girlfriends? I do - it's called insurance

To me it all boils down to economics.

Unless you are an alpha male, male sexuality is inherently worthless. However, female sexuality, of any variety, is valuable.

Said differently, an average male has a very difficult time getting sex, but an average female does not. Average men will greatly lower their standards just for sexual gratification - but average women do not have to. They get a multitude of choices, and simply pick the best male out of their current buffet.

So because of this reality, for emotional insurance, when I do get an opportunity to sleep with another woman other than my girlfriend - I do it. Because I know if my relationship with my girlfriend splits up - she'll easily find another guy to fuck within the next week, while I won't (unless I'm just lucky). So to insure against this, I have sex with other women throughout our relationship, so I have that to absorb the blow of her instantly picking someone to fuck so soon after our potential breakup.

So now many will probably ask - what if you don't ever break up, and you decide you love her? Well, my economical argument still stands. From an economical standpoint, my male sexuality is worthless, while her female sexuality is valuable. In most relationships, the male buys a greater number of gifts, pays for a greater number of dates, invests more labor (fixing things around the house, making more money than her, etc.). So a males value to the relationship is his resources. Because it's very clear what each partner brings to the relationship (male = resources, female = sexuality), it would be much more damaging if the FEMALE cheated than the male. When a male cheats, he isn't giving away money or labor, he's just giving away his worthless sexuality. When a female cheats, she is giving away the only value she offers to the relationship."

Sunday, September 5, 2010

i like conspiracies

The conspiracy theory video fataticism has got to stop.  Youtube is 'their' tool.  No one has a video on youtube that THEY don't want there.  In reality it's not even like the videos change anything, nor do they even have the ability to even do so.  it's just another tool to keep you controlled.  The videos make it seem as if we're up against some super-beings (perhaps even think Reptillian aliens).  but in reality they're just people.  "People with armies!".  yeah, but the amries are just people too.  They can be brought down much more easily than we think.  Not physically of course.  Don't buy into the "groups".  They want you bunched up so you're easier to track.  the only thing to be mindful of is that we are one, ( rather, we are none), so nothing has to be done physically.  just in mindset.  you create the world, so just create a good one.  and then hope that more people do too, but if they dont, dont try and force them.  just be content.  no two men are the same.  everyone's happiness will be different.  don't try to change people.  but the yang can never be removed from the yin.  because then there would be no circle <3.  unless the circle was never there. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rick Astley-Lights Out

  Looks like the star of the practical internet joke, "the Rick Roll" is trying to get hi music taken seriously

what do you guys think?

Random Text from Years Ago

One can use all the fancy words he wants, and all the logic and reason, but to understand and know the meaning and mechanics of life is impossible. to quote Nas "Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined".
there are no answers outside of yourself, even ignore what i'm saying.  Who am I to impose my thoughts onto you.  All men are equal.

They say "Do what you love and you'll never work a day."   As long as you pick the thing you love to do out of a list.

I don't want to be talked about while I'm alive.  And i definately don't want to be remembered when I'm dead.  It's a relief that i won't.

The Vatican Walls has many upside down crosses.  and they wear the cross around their neck with "Jesus" on it.  as if to brag.  It seems as a "trophy".  Jesus, hung like a game trophy behind the Pope.  Catholicism isn't Christianity. 

All religons preach that what you believe is not important so long as you believe in something.  Now, All religions preach this besides Christianity.  This can mean one of 2 things.  either Christianity is very close-minded and and prejudice to other beliefs, OR Christianity is correct when it says all other religions are the work of Satan. I'm not sure but it makes sense.  Satan wouldn't care which version of his religion you follow, as long as it isn't Christianity.  and in the end, you still end up with less Christians.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Nature of Truth

I've come across a paradox in logic that I think explains something very crucial for humans.
It's not strange to search for purpose, people have been searching for as long as time itself.
But what I've come to notice is most people  search externally for answers that are inherently within.
Consider the following:
Everything that is true can be known.   
Now this implies that something that isn't true, cannot be known, and since we cannot know something that isn't true, that means all truths are known. 

assume x = a truth that is unknown.

the sentence "x is a truth that is unkonwn" is true

but if all truths can be known that means it is possible to know that "x is a truth that is unkown"

that's impossible, for as soon as we know x it is no longer unkown.

so x cannot be unkown and true at the same time.

if all truths can be known, "all truths" cannot include anything unknown,

thus, if all truths can be known, they must all be known.

So enough futile searching outside, if it is a truth than it can be known, and if it can be known it's already known.  just  search within yourself.